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Travel Insurance

No planning for a trip abroad is complete without one of the most essential points of the travel checklist - International Travel Insurance. Being insured makes sure that you can travel stress free, without worrying about any medical or non-medical emergencies that may present themselves on your travels. With International Travel Insurance, you are provided with utmost protection against unforeseen circumstances and help you get compensation at those crucial times. The care extends from you, even to assistance being available for your loved ones at home.

Travel Insurance is a special facility offered by Visa Lounge in collaboration with ICICI Lombard in India, to cover you against the following situations while travelling abroad:

  • ● Medical Cover (Includes Medical Evacuation Cost)
  • ● Dental Expenses
  • ● Repatriation of remains
  • ● Loss of Checked In Baggage
  • ● Loss of Passport



International Travel Insurance

Inform our help line numbers to register a claim. You can get in touch with us at the following:

In USA and Canada : +1 844 871 1200 (Toll Free)

From the rest of the world: + 91 124 4498778

(Call back facility)

In India: 1800 102 5721 (Toll Free & Accessible in India only)

Fax : +91 124 4006674


    Keep the following documents safely as you require them to file a claim:

  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Flight tickets
  • Original medical documents
  • Attested medical bills in case of reimbursement
  • Any other documents required by the insurer to verify the claim

Sickness, flight delays or even cancellation - when things go wrong, you might need to alter your plans and make unforeseen changes to your itinerary. This might include unexpected hotel accommodation. A travel insurance policy also covers claims for expenses incurred towards such forced change of plans.



  • Any claim arising out of a pre-existing medical condition

  • Dental treatment

  • Chemotherapy or radiotherapy expenses

  • Mental or psychiatric disorders

  • Any injury or illness caused due to consumption of alcohol or other illegal drugs

Death or Permanent Total Disability

In unfortunate cases where the insured passes away or is severely injured during his/her trip, the insurer pays a pre-decided amount of compensation to the nominee in the policy. The amount may vary depending on the nature and cause of the disability. The extent of your policy's coverage depends on the type of policy you choose and the additional riders that you opt for.

Terms and Conditions



Proposed rates are for a single trip policy with max trip duration as 30 days only


The policy is valid only for customers who travel from India to Middle east countries only


The Person should be between 1 to 70 yrs of age and should hold a valid bank account in India


PED is not covered in the policy under any situations.


EXCLUSIONS for Medical cover,Personal Accident as applicable


Losses arising out of incident(s) arising whilst the Insured is engaging in aviation / ballooning / while mounting into or dismounting from or traveling in any balloon or aircraft other than as a passenger (fare paying or other wise)


Losses arising out of incident(s) arising whilst the insured is engaging in adventurous or hazardous activities


Losses arising out of common carrier contingencies will not be covered


a) Strike or other job action by employees of common carrier forming part of the trip covered under the policy


b)Equipment failure of Common Carrier forming part of Trip covered under the policy


Bon Voyage

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Travel Insurance

We provide you with the best international travel insurance deals for all your medical and non-medical emergencies during your travel. The last thing you need to deal with during your travel is an exorbitant medical bill owing to a health emergency. Visalounge partners with the best travel insurance providers to enable you to get instant travel insurance online.